Top Ten Dangers of Teen Drinking

  1. Alcohol can cause car crashesand other deadly accidents.
  2. Alcohol makes some people become violent.
  3. Alcohol can make good kids make really bad decisions.
  4. Alcohol can damage the developing brainby killing off brain cells.
  5. Alcohol can hurt your liver, which you need to clean your blood.
  6. Alcohol can make you feel really depressedand sad, and even become suicidal.
  7. Alcohol is illegal.
  8. Young people who drink are more likely to experimentwith other drugs.
  9. Alcohol can lead to sexual assaultsand unplanned pregnancy.
  10. Kids who start drinking before age 15 are 4 times more likely to develop alcoholismthan someone who waits until they are 21 before they start.

– excerpted from “Dr. Knight’s top 10 reasons why drinking alcohol is dangerous for young people” in the book Freaked Out, book #7 from the award-winning Beacon Street Girls book series.

  • In the United States, 70.8% of all deaths among youth and young adults aged 10-24 result from only four causes: motor vehicle crashes (32.3%), other unintentional injuries (11.7%), homicides (15.1%), and suicides (11.7%).
  • 30% of all students nationwide had ridden in a car or other vehicle one or more times during the last 30 days with a driver who had been drinking alcohol (YRBSS, 2004).
  • 20% of 12th graders nationwide have driven after drinking alcohol (YRBSS, 2004)
  • A recent survey reports that during the past 30 days, 47% of adolescents age 10-24 reported drinking. And 30% reported binge drinking. Drug and alcohol use by teens increases the risk of addiction and can change the developing brain for life.


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