Teen-Safe.org is an internet-based educational intervention for parents of high school students created in an attempt to make materials about teen substance use available to families, educators, and healthcare professionals. Dr. John R. Knight developed teen-safe in 2010 with the support of generous donations from: The Ryan Whitney Fund at Boston Children’s Hospital, The John Brooke Family Foundation, David Rosenbery of Prime Motor Group, and The Copeland Family Foundation Inc. of Milton, MA.

Our goal is to provide the latest science and true-life stories as educational materials to parents, and also to teens and pre-teens, to foster better family communications, promote resilience and healthy activities and reduce risky teen behaviors; to ultimately change young lives, preserve futures, and strengthen families.

For Parents and Schools

Through several short video clips, parents will learn about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the developing teenage brain and science-based strategies for protecting adolescents during the high-risk season of proms, graduation, and summer vacation. Parents and educators are encouraged to watch the introductory video and then take “The Course” located on the webpage.

 If you have questions about Teen-Safe.org, or are interested in using Teen-Safe at your school please contact Erin Gibson.